The essence of my work is to support a Goddess when she needs it most. When she is operating from a place of lack, fear, limiting beliefs, or trauma. 

I’ve been a fully-certified coaching professional since 2019, but I possess over a decade of experience helping others to achieve multidimensional wellness.

I coach my clients as I  first coached myself. In a way that utilizes the  holistic approach. Mind, body, and soul.

I specialize in soulful living & mindfulness, movement, meditation, energetic awareness (Chakra/Aritu), and stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

I sought out the tools & techniques  that would provide self-regulation, healing, and ease.

There was a  continuous cycle of self-doubt, limited beliefs, physical health issues, weight gain, high anxiety, and burnout.

Just dealing with it by suppressing things was unacceptable.

I started defining wellness for me and finding every way to manifest it. This was the key that unlocked an unexplainable energy, glow, and soundness. I made choices that operated with the truth in my abilities to heal myself.


My formula? Soulful & conscious-centered living, movement/meditation, plant-based medicine nutrition, and cannabis. Cannabis as a sacred sacrament is a major tenet in my personal wellness practice. 


 The techniques I developed were so successful that coworkers, friends, and family began noticing a difference. Honestly, them noticing helped me to take more notice. Every choice I have made towards achieving optimal health & wellness so far has been life saving.

I learned in September that I am living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. The best news was to learn that I am in a state of remission due to my current soul-serving lifestyle.

Gratitude to Great Mother Goddess/Creatress for the continued guidance and support on this Maat Ankh Udja Seneb journey.



My Journey & growth............ so far



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+ 10 years of successful personal & professional coaching

+ 4 years of Leadership/mentorship in animal health

+ Yin Yoga 25hr training with Braja Kishori, RYT 500

+ Yin Yoga 20hr training  with Michelle Young  C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

+ Power Yoga 200hr training at Corepower Yoga School

+ Integrative Yoga 200hr training at My Vinyasa Practice Yoga School

+ Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher training with Dee Dussault, E-RYT 500

+ Certified Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Practitioner training with Tom Llewellyn

+ Yoga & Wellness Retreat leader with Jewel Resorts & Jewel Paradise Cove |Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Wellness Resume


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